Web site re-do

…makes it sound like having your hair done, I suppose in some ways it’s similar – will I look fat? (well we already know I look grey, and I can’t keep my desk tidy), it had a big influence on how people think of you, and it’s agonizing.  But so far (and this is about week 4), I haven’t lost my temper with it, although I’ve certainly been tempted – “no, that one’s supposed to say Buy a Gift Voucher, and it’s put Ask a Question for the third time”.  I’ve learnt a lot, some things are really fun and easy to do, for example (so far!) I love Ninja Forms, but overall I feel sad when I think how great iWeb was and how easy and straightforward, if limited. And I just know that as soon as I get good at this they’ll (whoever They is) go and change everything and I’ll have to go off and learn a new way of doing everything. In the meantime, here’s my Ninja booking form for you to try out – also appearing on the front page, and I’m off to fix the Buy a Gift Voucher one…

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