True love

img_1506-1This is a match made in heaven.  Took a bit of work, and a bit of working together, but the results are bearing fruit. When we decided to work with Palliser and do the food I realised the thing I was going to need was a meat slicer, so thought of Graeme and Adam, who’d bought one ten years ago and not used it. Then I had to talk them into letting me have theirs, then talked Wally (a.k.a. Mr Sharp) into doing some (actually quite a lot, of course, aren’t things always…) of work on it so it would go nicely, and tracking down the vital part it needed, and of course sharpening the blade. Then off to Wellington for a whole prosciutto crudo, which cost most of my life savings, well more than I’d planned on anyway, and a whole salami, La Bella Italia keep both in stock of course.  To put them together though, to cut into the prosciutto, to be able to slice it paper thin (makes it taste better) freshly to order, just as many slices as you want, well that was one of the most satisfying experiences ever – as with much Italian food, it’s simple stuff, done really well, which turns out best.


[Evidence now available, Thurs – Sun, Palliser Estate, see you there]

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