The day at Carême

We start off our day at the winery at 10 with morning tea and something sustaining, then move into the kitchen, get our aprons on, and get going.  Groups are small – maximum of 12 – and everyone is welcome to taste, touch, and help as they feel comfortable. 


As part of every class, I explain a really basic skill or technique I think a lot of people don’t normally do, or cheat on.  Like the proper use and handling of knives, or making real mayonnaise or short pastry.  Easy things which make a real difference to your cooking.  Plus of course we make loads of food, the menus vary with the class – see here for upcoming classes.  All the recipes are included in your folder to take home.  


Once we’ve finished cooking, so some time about 2, depending on the class, we move on to wine, a tasting session with Palliser wine people.  A leisurely lunch with Palliser wines follows, either in the garden courtyard or the conference room.  The day finishes around 4, and you will go home with a host of techniques, stories, recipes and ideas which will really make a difference to your kitchen. 

Included in the day


  • morning tea
  • folder with recipes and notes
  • Carême apron
  • snack
  • wine tasting
  • lunch with Palliser wines




Useful Information


  • Palliser Estate is on the left just as you’re coming in to Martinborough from Wellington
  • Gift vouchers are a lovely idea, ask for details
  • We can sometimes do weekday classes for groups, just ask
  • Make up a group and set the theme for your class
  • We can help with accommodation, or check .