Palliser and Martinborough

One of the first of the Martinborough wineries, Palliser Estate is now one of the biggest in Martinborough, but that’s still tiny in world terms.  It’s been fascinating being based at Palliser, seeing the seasons reflected through the vineyard and the winery, from spring when the grapes flower (who knew grapes flowered??) to autumn when they ripen and the winery team expands to include harvest workers – and they need feeding. Then seeing the wines come out, tasting them as they’re just bottled, then as they age and change indefinably, to be enjoyed and celebrated.


We’re not the only winery in Martinborough of course (Stephen and I count ourselves as honorary Pallisers), which is what makes the village such fun, there’s lots to visit – and taste. Along with lots of cafés and restaurants. Come and stay for the weekend at least, to appreciate what we have to offer, there’s loads of accommodation, try or for some options.