Jo makes the wholemeal bread – online

Ok, so, as promised in the quarterly newsletter, I’m going to be more diligent online while we’re offline in person, as it were. This week, I’ve made a video of making the wholemeal bread (yes, the one you eat for lunch at the classes), doing it by hand, at home. It’s here , and the link to sign up for the Frequent News, for which there are grand plans to send out weekly, is here .  If you’re not already on the ‘normal’ newsletter, the link is here.  Phew!


Must say, I’ve learnt a lot this week, mostly about iMovie, but also Youtube and Mailchimp. And I can say that, when you finally work out what it was that you did wrongly, it’s bleedin’ obvious. Rather annoyingly so. But satisfying to get there in the end.

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