Why camping is so great

We just love camping, whether in New Zealand, when we go camping with my sisters and their families at the Christmas holidays, or from our French house, when we head out with the little Fiat Punto piled carefully with (the rest of the world always use these these, it’s only in NZ where we don’t […]


There has been a lot written recently about the loss of our great friend Richard Riddiford, so I won’t go on too much here, but just share these photos – here’s me and Richard at the café, where we met every single morning when we were in Martinborough (At Christmas we phoned each other, not […]


One of the most interesting and stimulating speakers at the Oxford Symposium on Food was speaking on blood, and eating it. Now stick with me, we’re not talking vampires and drinking blood, we’re talking using an extremely nutritious product which is normally tipped down the drain, and using it instead of a much more expensive […]